You are welcome in the International Center for the Vital Energy website which is set up especially for you, after there was an urgent need to that. About 25 years nearly, I had specialized in the studies of the Vital Energy: The roots and the branches which relates to it, that produced until now about 6 encyclopedias and 19 books, most of them talks about the various kinds of the Vital Energy Therapy and its correct origins which the mind and the sound logic accept it, in addition to other subjects it discourse the born science: the Arabic Human Programming Science, and this science which I was honored with putting its correct methodical bases, and which plans the human’s programs and leads his steps to the way of success in all his life’s different stages, also I preceded in authorship of several books talks about the future’s events, supported by the evidences and proofs which no doubt about it; Because it’s emanates from the core of the Faith.

During the last 25 years, the Most High God chose me for giving a very distinct weekly lecture, which deserved presence by a lot of people, and very many spoke about it, because it discussed several kinds of sciences that the others didn’t discuss it and didn’t occur to their mind, and then to make the benefit is general.

After setting up the main website –which our site’s sun brightens from it- the gracious visitors exhibited an urgent need to set up this great edifice which is between your hands: The INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR VITAL ENERGY, this center shoulders a lot of missions, also it needs more support so as to perform its duties as the decent visitors wish.


And I promise all our gracious visitors to make The INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR VITAL ENERGY an edifice which everyone looks forward to it, and achieves their dreams, hopes and ambitions. We are pleased to respond your desires; but participate with us by your suggestions which we give much interest; the evidence of our speech is our caring to invite all the gracious visitors during the opening of site; because you are certainly partners in it.

In regard that we actually need your cooperation and your support with us; so we invite all of you to be members in this great edifice and to aid it; because it is set up by you and for you it continues. We made the membership 4 levels; so as to make the chance is available for all; to participate with us as active members in The INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR VITAL ENERGY, everyone presents his help as he can, everybody should know that we invite them with love which we are known by it, and we appreciate your efforts with us.




The message of The INTERNATIONAL CENTER summarizes in the following points:

  1. Ridding the society off some bad habits as smoking, AIDS, and Drugs.
  2. Definition the Vital Energy and how to develop it, and to keep it on.
  3. Training the desirous persons on the kinds of the Vital Energy Therapy.
  4. Giving the Training Courses in the Arabic Human Programming Science.
  5. Connecting with people who practise the Original Medicine around the world.

Join us today!.. You are an important part of our global family.